New Feature – The Closing Disclosure Quote

As of today, we’re rolling out a new feature that’s been requested a lot by title agencies nationwide. We’re always looking to provide value, so our developers rolled up their sleeves and programmed in this new tool.

It’s called a Closing Disclosure Quote. It’s basically a title quote, that includes the settlement / closing fees, the title insurance and the recording and transfer numbers in a Closing Disclosure friendly manner.

That means, they are organized in sections pertaining to a real Closing Disclosure, meaning Section C – the borrower’s costs, Section E – the recording and transfer and Section H – the Owner’s policy, seller’s costs and additional expenses.

Our CD Quote also features an Adjustments section, where the Owner’s Title Insurance amount payable by the seller is being adjusted (if aplicable).

Let us know your feedback / comments below. We’re always open to suggestions and we’d love to keep improving our tools.