Why hiring based on skills and experience is bad.

Whenever you as a title agency owner need to hire a closer, you are at risk of falling into this trap: looking for the most experienced or skilled title closer. What you need to do is hire based on character, not skill. Here’s why.

It all boils down to the company culture. Some time ago, I’ve written about how practically everyone in your agency is involved in marketing to some extent. I’d like to clarify that: Everyone is involved in customer experience.
And if your title agency’s culture revolves around customer experience, then it’s only normal to hire people that care about customers in a genuine way. What’s the point in having a closer or title agent that knows all about the paperwork if your Realtors and Lenders will avoid this grumpy ol’ fella like the plague?
Even though i’ve chosen to make customer experience a compelling example of something the culture can revolve around, it’s not always the case. The culture of a company revolves around a set of common beliefs among employees. The more homogenous the group is and the more they believe in the same things, the more the company acts like a person. And the more relevant and trustworthy that “person” is, the more clients will love “it”. [sic]
Belief is something authentic. You either believe in something or not. I can’t teach you to believe in something or force you to do so. I can, however, teach you practical things. Everyone learns practical things, how to do this or that, and it becomes a skill over time.
So don’t worry if the person you hire doesn’t have knowledge about things related to the title search process for example, but please DO WORRY if this person’s character or belief system is not in line with your title agency.
He or she will soon become a very “toxic” element and your title agency is at risk of being contaminated. You’ll end up facing a decision to fire probably more than one employee…
Now, another benefit of hiring based on character and company culture is this: the stronger the culture, the more solid and autonomous the decision making becomes.
When the culture, that is shared as a belief by all employees, is strong, then practically each employee has a foundation for making decisions that are in line with your culture. Decisions that you don’t have to worry about, or that require your input. You don’t have to tell someone to do something. They will do that thing themselves out of their own initiative, the main driver being conviction. 
So before you hire anybody else, please take a moment and figure our what your title agency’s culture is all about and figure out the ideal character that complies with that. Then, go ahead and search for people. You’ll now know exactly what questions to ask them, and they may not be title or closing related! 🙂